About Us

Halkin | Mason Photography is the Philadelphia based architectural photography practice of partners Barry Halkin and Todd Mason. With over four decades of combined commercial experience, Barry and Todd have had the privilege of working with acclaimed architects on diverse commissions both in the US and abroad. In addition to winning a multitude of design awards for their clients, their photographs have been frequently published in national and international design publications. Driven by an artistic aesthetic, they continually strive to create images of architecture and the built environment that are powerful, compelling and beautiful.

Having studied architecture as a student, Barry has long been fascinated by three dimensional space, geometry, and the built environment. A great admirer of the utopian visions of Paolo Soleri and Buckminster Fuller, Barry has lived in a geodesic dome, made bricks at Taos Pueblo, worked at Arcosanti, and visited the Cathedral of Brasilia and the Watts Towers. When not shooting, Barry can be found playing drums, riding bikes and trying to grow vegetables.

With a background in fine art photography, Todd is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Having traveled extensively on commission and for personal work, he spent several years working in New York City prior to returning to Philadelphia to advance his career in architectural photography. In his free time, Todd enjoys playing music and spending time with his dog.